Pulmonologist in Chennai

Who is Pulmonologist?

A Physician who is the specialist and having knowledge in treating the people who are affected by the disease which is affected in respiratory tract which is Lungs and chest are called Pulmonologist. You can find very few specialists Pulmonologist in Chennai who are very experienced in this field and give solution for the people at right time. Breathing is the one which happens automatically for all the living beings. For each and well-being breathing is the most important to lead his life. If it suddenly stops then there will be no life and he/she will be in dead condition. If the person is not able to breathe properly also he may be under risk, so immediately he needs an attention and he has to go and consult the Pulmonologist in Chennai.

Diseases affected

The breathing problem may be caused due to the family health issue, pollution, dust allergy, and also another infectious disease which affects the respiratory system. So for the above diseases the person has to seek a pulmonary specialist. He will initially have a primary treatment related to the chest and lungs. Apart from the above disease if the person is suffering from some of the abnormalities like Chest pain, fainting, fatigue, and swelling in a leg can also go and consult the Pulmonologist in Chennai. If the patient is suffering from a bad cough then he might be suffering from the respiratory infection by which he will be suffering from other health problem and unable to breathe.

Asthma is the most common disease in children which also cause the adults also it happens when there is the infection is spread in bronchial tubes. Which in turn leads to wheezing, cough, tightness in chest etc.,

Diagnosis and Treatment

There are Pulmonologist in Chennai will also treat the diseases like pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema and other complicated diseases related to chest and lungs. There are some of the procedures which have to be taken if the person is suffering from respiratory disease, the initial test is the blood test and depending upon the case they may have to take arterial blood gas, spirometry test is a test which is to diagnose how much of the air flow is there in the lungs, Bronchoscope test, Chest X-ray, CT Scan, and other major test are taken according to the diagnosis.

As per the surgeon the procedures involved are related to the heart and lungs by which surgery is done by a thoracic surgeon. You can find Pulmonologist in Chennai in the multispecialty hospital who will have all the equipment related to the disease.


When it comes to education a physician has to complete three years MBBS degree and also be a specialist in MD and DO in addition to that they have a get in practice and get the fellowship of the concerned degree then only he is considered to a Pulmonologist in Chennai. If he is treating for paediatrics then accordingly he has completely studied the cases relating to the specific field. Then only he will be allowed to diagnose for the paediatrics.

Few Lines about the Doctor

Dr G.S.Kailash is a well known doctor in Chennai, who resides in Velachery and serving with many of the treatments like Lower/Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment, Chest Disease Treatment, Lung Infections Treatment, Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment, Pleural Effusion Treatment, Respiratory Conditions, Tuberculosis (TB), Spirometry, and Nebulisations.

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