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Most of the new born babies have some of the health issues that cannot be solved by regular doctors. They are some specialists that deal with the children health care problem and give suitable treatment as per the needs. Those specialists are called Pediatrician. Pediatricians in Chennai work in both hospitals and also they act as primary care physicians who specialize in child health care issues. Pediatricians in Chennai have the huge reputation and take extra care for their patients. There are numerous hospitals in and around Chennai provide good health support to the child or infant when needed.


Most of the countries have certain different type of education for pediatrics. In India, if you want to became a pediatrician you must finish MBBS and after that you must pursue a MD in pediatrics. After that you can start your career as pediatrician in India. Apart from the studies a pediatrician must poses certain qualities like good observation, patience and poses kind communication towards the child. Observation is very important in that field because it only gives the options for diagnoses and treatment is based on this observation only. Usually Pediatricians in Chennai are poses this kind of qualities.

Fields in Pediatrics

Pediatrics is especially based on only two main fields. They are general pediatrics and pediatric subspecialties. General pediatrics are mostly involving in the treat of common illness and other common problems for infants or children. But subspecialties are based on the identification of some specialty like endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunology, oncology, rheumatology etc.., Most of the pediatricians in Chennai are very much deal with both general and subspecialties. Hospitals also provide very good infrastructure for that. they handle any kind of health issues to the infants or children. They also give suitable treatment for certain type of problems for the infant or child who needs that.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Most of pediatricians are well trained and have good observation in diagnosis of certain problems like injuries for children and other small infections that was caused due to any virus. The main job of pediatricians is not only the identification of the diseases or issues. They also have good knowledge about the prevention, early detection and other problems that will affect the children health like Behavioral difficulties, developmental disorders, functional problems, social stresses, and anxiety disorders. Pediatricians in Chennai are aware of those kinds of problems and they also give correct type of treatment to the infants.

Pediatricians are one of the most important people in every one’s life when they were children and pediatrician must help and comfort the child by whatever means necessary. Not only their treatment but also their care will help the child to recover from whatever problem they face in health. Pediatricians in Chennai mostly take good care of the infant or children who has any type of health-related issue. They provide their moral support to the parents by their treatments. They provide children or infant with health and emotional needs that they wanted.

Few Lines about the Doctor

Dr Chithra Kailash Pediatrician specialist is one among the best pediatric doctor who is doing her service in Velachery along with Dr. G.S Kailash in the clinic.

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